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Wholesale Food Products Texas


Our Story

The original ‘cheater’ was created sometime in the early 80’s. If legend is correct the ‘cheater’ gained its name from those stopping in after a Weight Watcher’s weigh-in next door to a local bakery.

In 2011, Rhonda was approached to purchase a 30+ year old family bakery business, Beaner’s Buckaroo Bakery. Believing in God’s timing and His calling to “Feed the people” #teamcrawford bought it. It was in 2012 ‘Cheaters’ were offered on the Sweet Accessories Bakery menu for the first time.


In 2015, with big dreams, “cheaters” were sold commercially the first time. However, in 2018, the family relocated away from the commercial bakery and Cheater product stopped.


Covid brought on a complete ‘walk by faith, not by sight’ moment. With Franchise goals “cheaters” were rebranded as Texas ChEEters in 2021. Our goals are to break bread across Texas and then across the USA! 


you + me + them = #teamcrawford


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